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Hoh Bo Spey now in the Shop

We have added a few of our Hoh Bo Spey designs to the flyshop and have several assortments available in the Ebay store as well. We tie our Hoh Bo Speys on heavy wire 40mm shanks, so they get down to the strike zone quickly on the swing. The darker colours are great for fishing year round while the brighter colours can be more effective during the winter months. On sale now for $2.99 each.

Hoh Bo Spey - Orange and Yellow
Hoh Bo Spey – Orange and Yellow
Hoh Bo Spey - Orange and Hot Pink
Hoh Bo Spey – Orange and Hot Pink
Hoh Bo Spey - Orange and Silver Dr. Blue
Hoh Bo Spey – Orange and Silver Dr. Blue
Hoh Bo Spey - Black and Purple
Hoh Bo Spey – Black and Purple
Hoh Bo Spey - Black and Orange
Hoh Bo Spey – Black and Orange
Hoh Bo Spey - Black and Chartreuse
Hoh Bo Spey – Black and Chartreuse

Estaz Eggs now available in the Ebay Shop

I’ve been spending some time down by the rivers watching the salmon come up to spawn and tying tons of egg patterns to offer them. I’ve decided to offer up a few selections of Estaz Eggs in the Ebay shop. I’ll have a wider selection of sizes and colours coming in the next few weeks, but to start off we have a 5 colour selection of eggs for just 24.95 including shipping to destinations in Canada and the United States. Click the the link or the picture to check out the Estaz Eggs on Ebay.

Estaz Eggs flies for Steelhead and Salmon
Estaz Eggs flies for Steelhead and Salmon

For inquiries and quotes on custom patterns email

Alaskabou Assortments Back in the Ebay Store

Piscator Flies Ebay Store

Alaskabou Group of 24
Alaskabou Group of 24

The Piscator Flies Ebay Store is slowly getting back up to speed and I’ve put up the assortments of Alaskabou flies once again. I’ll be adding additional patterns over the coming months including Hoh Bo Spey, flesh flies, marabou’s and other Steelhead specialties.

Keep an eye out for our RIO Products clearance coming up as well. We have a variety of lines, backing, tippet and leaders starting from just $2.00. It’s not expected to last long, so get it while you can.

If you are looking for other fly patterns, email us at with your pattern specifics. We tie lots of custom patterns starting from just $1.00. Cost will depend on the materials and complexity of the pattern.

All the best in 2014.

Streamers on Auction from the shop

I offer custom orders of patterns listed below as well and most Carrie Stevens, Bert Quimby, Lew Oatman, Herbie Welch and many others. Please contact piscatorflies[at]gmail[dot]com for inquiries. Flies can be tied on Partridge, Gaelic Supreme, Mustad (several models available 3907 A/B, R79, etc), Sealey & Sons and Allcock (limited availability).

Gray Ghost Streamer tied by Darren MacEachern

Gray Ghost
Gray Ghost

Big Ben Streamer tied by Darren MacEachern

Big Ben
Big Ben

I’ve also been wanting to start tying a few of the late David Mac’s patterns. I’m finding that I don’t have materials for most of his patterns as he used a number of exotic feathers in many of his creations. I did have a close enough inventory to attempt his Purple Kate.

Purple Kate Streamer tied by Darren MacEachern

Purple Kate
Purple Kate

Snocone Chironomids in the Shop

It’s a simply pattern but really one that every stillwater angler should have a full stock of in their flybox. It can be fished on a long leader, under an indicator or jigged. Carrying these in your fly box could be the difference between being skunked out on the lake and being envied by every other angler on the water. Set the fly 5-8 feet under a strike indicator, and be ready to set the hook when the indicator moves. If nothing hits the fly, move it down 6 inches every 10 minutes until you start getting hits on the fly. These also make some of the best ice fishing lures for trout and perch. The assortment is just $12/doz and includes 4 of each colour (black, olive, red) in one size.

Hook: Mustad C49S
Thread: UNI 8/0 match to body colour
Bead: White brass match size to hook
Wire: Fine copper wire
Body: Super stretch floss

Snocone Chironomid Assortment
Snocone Chironomid Assortment