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Fly Tying the Egg Sucking Ice Tiger

The Egg Sucking Ice Tiger is a great steelhead / salmon fly that can be tied either using a standard saltwater or steelhead hook, or on a leashed shank fly. You’ll need to use a clipped shank or an OPST Steelhead shank to allow the cone to slip onto the shank. In this video, we tied the fly using a clipped saltwater hook and a wire leash. The pattern is more or less an egg sucking leach, but it is tied with a Spirit River UV dyed blue barred rabbit zonker and some icey Superfly marabou. While this fly is tied for steelhead, it would also make a perfect fly to tie on when you are targeting pike, bass and tarpon.

If you don’t have a tube vise to hold the shank, you can just use the regular vise jaws, but just be careful not to put too much pressure on the hook. Another alternative for shanks would be the OPST Shank Chuck Tool.

Egg Sucking Ice Tiger

Shank: 30mm shank or #2-2/0 hook
Bead: 1/4” Fl. Fire Orange cone
Thread: Fire Orange 6/0 (140 d)
Leash: 20lb braided intruder wire
Tail: Two-tone white/blue barred zonker
Collars: Black and dark blue marabou
Flash: Junebug Flashabou 15 strands
Wing: White bucktail
Collar: Silver Dr. Blue schlappen

Calcasieu Pig Boat

The original Tom Nixon Calcasieu Pig Boat was tied with 56 rubber legs, but rubber tends to get brittle after a little while. I started tying the fly using silicone bass tabs in place of the rubber and am happy with a number of legs (21 front 21 back). This fly was developed back in the 1960’s and is available in a number of variations (and colors) which include the original, hackle tail, rubber tail, rabbit tail or marabou tail. This is also an excellent pattern for pike and other toothy cold and warm water predators.

The fly is fished deep and slow. It can be tied with extra weight, or a lead shot can be added a few inches up the leader to help the fly get down quick.

The fly was based on the productive and popular conventional bass lure called the Hawaiin Wiggler. The Pig Boat focuses on the highly active rubber legs from the Wiggler.

If you would like me to tie a few for you, you can get in touch through the About Us page.

Calcasieu Pig Boat fly pattern recipe (Tom Nixon)

Hook: Talon DV314 (Bass Stinger)or B10S
Thread: Black FWN (210 d)
Tail: White silicone skirt tab (half)
Hackle: Olive grizzly neck
Body: Olive crystal chenille
Collar: Olive silicone skirt tab (half)
Head: Black thread
Eyes: Painted white/black or stick-on