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Hot Butt Sili-Leg Gotcha Saltwater Fly

Gotcha flies are pretty popular, but by changing up a couple elements, you can keep things fresh with the pattern. This version of the fly features silicone legs that provide a ton of action in the water and a hot spot that fish can key in on.

I get asked to tie custom orders of flies all the time and I really enjoy hearing back from clients who have had some success with the flies I tie for them. This pattern has been working well, and reports coming in are quite positive. If you are interested in tying your own, watch the video below, or if you would rather have me tie some, you can order here.

Hot Butt Sili-leg Gotcha Saltwater Fly pattern recipe

Hook: Mustad S71SNP-DT #2-8
Thread: Tan 6/0
Eye: 3.2mm Black nickel bead chain
Tail: micro crystal flash
Butt: STS Tri-lobal dubbing hot orange
Body: Tan Laser Dubbing
Wing: Tan craft fur
Legs: Silicone tab skirt

June Fly Giveaway

Congrats to the May winner Mark L. from the UK who won a set of the flies we tied during May. We will once again be giving away at least one set of the flies and up to 3 sets if we get enough entries into the draw. All you need to do to enter is be subscribed to our Youtube channel. We will be making the draw July 1st, 2017. Click here to subscribe – Piscator Flies on Youtube Good luck to everyone.

Fly Giveaway for the Month of June, 2017 from Piscator Flies