Delecktable Soft hackle Worm

The Delektable Soft Hackle Worm is a fly from the Delektable fly series from Beartooth Flyfishing ( and created by the head designer Dan Delekta. There are several color variations available directly from Bear Tooth Fly Fishing in a few sizes. The body is made from ultra chenille and the worm’s clitellum is a combination of thread, dubbing, D-rib and a soft hackle. This is a good spring fly when the rivers are most active and banks are eroding and these terrestrial food items find their way into the aquatic food web. This will make an excellent trout fly, but the bass, panfish, carp and any other species on the hunt for an easy lunch.

Delektable SH Worm Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Egg or Scud Hook #8-16
Bead: Copper or gold brass
Thread: Fl. Fire Orange 6/0 (140 d)
Body: Ultra chenille
Rib: Gold Ultra wire
Clitellum: Clear D-rib
Hackle: Partridge
Dubbing: Ice Dubbing

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