Fly Tying Shanks (Intruder Shanks)


If you love tying Intruders, Hoh Bo Speys, Prom Dress, Pick Yer Pocket or any pattern, you know that it can be quite time consuming to get the shanks prepared properly. Let us do the leg work so you can concentrate on the art of the fly.

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Fly Tying Intruder Shanks
Fly Tying Intruder Shanks

Fly tying shanks aka Intruder Shanks

The shanks are ideal for tying Hoh Bo Speys, Intruders, Squidro, Evil Twins, Hula Girls, Prom Dress and other patterns. These shanks help get your fly down in fast water quickly, and extra weight in the form of dumbbell eyes can be added to increase the sink rate. These shanks are similar to the Senyo Intruder shanks or Waddington shanks. The shanks have black finish and a bent eye which can be used as an up eye depending on where the weight is tied on the shank.

To tie the rig, set the shank in the fly tying vise. Thread 4 inches of wire onto a hook. You can choose for the hook to ride point up or down. Lay down a layer of thread onto the bare shank from the front of the shank to the back. Then place the wire along each side of the shank and start wrapping the thread over the wire toward the shank eye. bend back a tag of wire from each end towards the back of the hook and wrap with thread. This should give you a very strong bond that won’t fail. Apply a liberal amount of cement to the thread and let the rig dry before you start tying on it. The shanks can be set-up ahead of time to allow the cement time to set.

Shanks are available in 25mm, 30mm, 40mm and 40mm heavy shanks. 50 pieces each. Wire and hooks also available.

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25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 40mm Heavy


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