Partridge CS15 Carrie Stevens Streamer Hook


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I have a very limited amount of the old Redditch, England made CS15 streamer hooks. These are re-packed from the remaining Redditch factory bulk stock.

Size #4 and #2 are available. Partridge CS15 are a 8xl / 10xl streamer hook. These extra long heavy wire streamer hooks are the ideal platform for recreating the classic Rangeley and Eastern streamers of Carrie Stevens, Bert Quimby, Herb Welch, Jim Warner and other Northeastern streamer legends. The Partridge CS15 hooks feature a forged limerick bend and a tapered loop down eye with a bronzed finish. It is a very sturdy hook and can be used for samon flies, trout flies, steelhead, pike and bass streamers.

These are old stock hooks that were manufactured in Redditch England.

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#2, #4


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