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Rubber Legged Evil Weevil

This is a variation of Jeremy Davis’ Evil Weevil, a fly which has been quite productive in the streams with trout of all stripes. This version of the weevil uses silicone legs taken from a bass skirt. You can find these in an infinite variety of colors and patterns to suit your needs. To finish the fly, a dab of UV resin will set the wingcase and secure the thread.

Rubber Legged Evil Weevil Trout Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Firehole 315 #10-18 or another curved scud hook
Bead: Tungsten gold/copper
Thread: Olive 8/0 (70d)
Tail: Pheasant tail
Rib: Gold wire (BR)
Shellback / Wingcase: Olive scud back
Body: Olive dubbing
Thorax: Dark olive dubbing
Legs: Rubber or silicone olive barred
U.V resin optional

Rubber Legged Evil Weevil Fly Pattern Recipe
Rubber Legged Evil Weevil Fly Pattern Recipe

Shwa Creek Caddis

The Shwa Creek Caddis is a pattern I’ve adapted over the past couple seasons starting with a simple caddis Pupa pattern. I’ve added a lightly contrasting rib of UNI-Yarn to dull down the bright chartreuse and added ostrich herl (or dyed black peacock) over the bronze olive Diamond Dubbing I had been using. The ostrich adds a bit of movement to the fly. If you would like me to tie a few for you, you can get in touch through the About Us page.

Shwa Creek Caddis fly pattern recipe

Hook: Mustad C49s #10-18
Bead: Black brass or tungsten
Thread: Dark olive 6/0 (140d)
Rib: UNI-Yarn Insect Green
Body: Fl. Chartreuse Laser Dubbing
Thorax: Black ostrich herl
Thorax: Bronze olive Diamond Dubbing