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Episode 12 – Veverka’s Mantis Shrimp Saltwater Fly

Episode 12 – The infamous Bob Veverka came up with the design of his Mantis Shrimp saltwater fly pattern in response to recognizing missing elements that weren’t filled by standard bonefish patterns that were on the market. With educated bonefish becoming ever increasingly picky having had seen quite a number of the standard flies, Bob set to work on a better bonefish fly.

The fly design uses a series of separated legs so that they can each be moved independently rather than clumped into one section. The rabbit fur carapace also gives the fly a lot of natural looking movement and can be tied in a contrasting color than the tail, or tied to mimic an egg sac.

There have been some who have issues with the fly riding point down when tied with bead chain eyes. This seems to remedy itself when heavier brass or lead eyes are used. That being said, it is a highly effective saltwater fly and one I consider essential to any angler’s saltwater fly box.

DIY laser Dub – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paQSyTxRyTI

Veverka Mantis Shrimp Saltwater Fly Recipe

Hook: Saltwater #2-6
Thread: Tan 6/0
Eyes: 3.2mm black bead chain
Tail: Tan fox or craft fur
Mouth: Ginger or tan rabbit
Legs: Silicone orange and brown
Body: Tan Laser Dub

Hope to see you on the channel.