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Marabou – 25 colors now available in the Ebay Store

We’ve added a selection of 25 colors of marabou to our Ebay store.

Colours include White, Green, Yellow, Orange Red, Burnt Orange, Golden Olive (Light Olive), Olive Dun, Olive, Dark Olive, Black, Grey Dun, Hot Pink, Silver Doctor Blue, Dark Blue, Chartreuse, Purple, Claret, Brown, Fl, Yellow, Tan, Shrimp Pink, Light Pink, Hot Purple and Fl. Fire Orange. Each pack has a little over a 1/4 oz and around 50 feathers, give or take, for tying a variety of fly patterns.

25 colors of Superfly Marabou
25 colors of Superfly Marabou

Each package of Superfly marabou contains an assortment of feathers suitable for a variety of applications. The feathers can be used for tying jigs, Spey collars, palmered bodies, tails, wings and dubbed bodies. Happy tying.