Flash Clouser

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When you tie this on the end of your line, you better have a good grip. These Flash Clousers are a shiny variation of Bob Clousers infamous Clouser Deep Minnow, a fly that has caught well over 100 different species of sport fish. We tie these flies to mimic baitfish and the really trigger predator fish to hit the fly hard. The Flash Clouser is ideal for your upcoming saltwater fishing trip or for freshwater species like bass, panfish, pike, and trout. 

  • Tied on strong razor-sharp 2 extra heavy Mustad S71SNP-DT hooks
  • Weighted with brass dumbbell eyes to help the get deep quick
  • 2" (#6) to 3" (#2)
  • Resin fortified heads for extra durability
  • Available in 6 colors or assortment

The Flash Clouser is tied to allow the natural light play off of the translucent and colored pearl flash used. You can strip the fly quick or let it swim and dive with paused strips.  

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