Black Death - Digital Download

Black Death - Digital Download

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The Black Death tarpon fly is an enduring classic that has been a go-to for saltwater anglers and guides targeting tarpon for many decades. It is a fly that has stood the test of time, consistently producing results for those who use it. The red and black color combination of this fly is a great attractor for tarpon, particularly in low light conditions or on dark days, making it a versatile pattern for any angler to have in their fly box.

The Black Death tarpon fly is an all-purpose pattern that can be fished in a variety of ways. It can be fished as a surface fly, a subsurface fly, or as a deep fly depending on the tarpon's behavior at that moment. It's a fly that can be fished in the backcountry of Florida, the Gulf of Mexico, and even in the Caribbean. It's a fly that is at the top of the list for many guides and anglers worldwide.

This listing is for the .pdf file which includes detailed information and history on the fly recipe, as well as relevant links to videos that showcase how to tie the Black Death Tarpon fly. The recipe is easy to follow and with a little practice, anyone can tie a Black Death Tarpon fly. The video instructions will provide you with a better understanding of how the fly should be tied.

  • Free .pdf file 
  • links to video on Youtube
  • includes a larger image of the fly

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