Neo Twenty Incher Stonefly Nymph

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The Neo Twenty Incher is a highly effective fly pattern that is gaining popularity among fly fishermen. This fly pattern is designed to mimic a wide range of underwater insects but specifically the stonefly nymph. The Neo Twenty Incher features a weighted body that helps it to sink quickly to the bottom of the water, where many fish species feed. The fly pattern also has a slender and realistic silhouette that closely resembles a stonefly nymph. The combination of the weighted body and realistic silhouette makes this fly pattern highly attractive to many different species of fish.

The fly pattern can be used in streams, rivers, and lakes. It is especially effective in fast-moving water and is often used in areas where the water is deeper and the current is stronger. The flexible legs and hackle fibres impart a ton of action into the fly pattern, providing several triggers for feeding fish to act on.

When fishing with the Neo Twenty Incher, it is important to pay attention to the speed of the retrieve. This fly pattern is most effective when it is fished slowly, with short pauses to allow the fly to sink deeper. Many experienced fly fishermen have found success with this fly pattern by letting it drift naturally with the current and using subtle movements to mimic the behaviour of real aquatic insects.

  • A proven fly pattern that catches fish
  • Tied on high-quality barbed hooks
  • Tied with brass beads to quickly sink the fly
  • Tied by fly tyer Jeremy Davies

Available in sizes #8, #10, and #12



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