Coral Snake Jig

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The Coral Snake fly pattern designed by Jeremy Davies takes its queues from the venomous coral snake. This Euro nymph style fly is a real killer to any fish unlucky enough to cross its path. The fly uses crystal flash in both the legs and tail sections, giving the pattern 

The fly is weighted with heavy wire on the body as well as a brass beadhead. This helps the fly get into the ideal strike zone swiftly and gives the angler the upper hand. 

Don't forget the rhyme in case you come face to face with a red black and yellow snake. 'red touching black, safe for Jack. Red touching yellow, kill a fellow’

  • A proven fly pattern that catches fish
  • Tied on high-quality barbed hooks
  • Tied with brass beads to quickly sink the fly
  • Tied by fly tyer Jeremy Davies

Available in sizes #12, #14 , and #16



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