Chartreuse Bead Head Mop Fly

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Mop flies, aka the Dust Mop Fly, are a great fly for targeting many species of sport fish like trout and panfish. Bass, bluegills, crappie, pumpkinseed, rock bass, walleye, and trout have all chomped down these flies while field testing them. I tie these with durability in mind, taking care to ensure they won't be prone to fouling around the hook.

I take extra steps in the tying process to increase durability like adding a double whip finish and head cement. While the pattern may have been looked down upon in the past, some pros have added the Mop Fly as a part of their World Fly Fishing Championship arsenal.

The Ice Dubbing collar on the fly can be combed out, but this will also happen naturally as you fish the fly. This confidence fly is a must for fishing trout and warm waters. 

  • Tied on strong Kona BJH hooks
  • Weighted with brass beads to help the fly stay in the strike zone
  • Fortified with extra glue on the exposed thread wraps
  • Whip finished and cemented heads for extra tough flies
  • Available in 2 sizes #10 (4.8mm bead) and #12 (4.0mm bead)

The Mop Fly is perfect for trout, bass, and panfish like crappie, bluegill, and pumpkinseed.