Le Squirmy

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Two incredibly successful patterns in one fly. The Frenchie nymph and the Squirmy Wormy. I've combined the two to produce a killer fly for targeting trout in small streams. The jig style of the fly allows the Squirmy material to swing freely and give a great natural look in the water. The Hot Spot on the front give fish a target to key in on.

  • Tied on strong Firehole 516 Barbless jig hooks
  • Weighted with brass beads to help the fly stay in the strike zone
  • Fortified with UV resin on the hot spot
  • Doubled whip finished for extra tough flies
  • Available in 3 sizes and 2 colors

The fly works best after rains have passed and the water is a little colored. These bright flies get hit hard so be ready when you swing them.

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