July Fly Giveaway

It’s easy to enter, just go to the video page here, make sure that you are subscribed and leave a comment. I’ll draw a random name from the entries on August 3rd.

Here is the set of flies will be giving away from the YouTube channel. Make sure you’re subscribed so that you’re eligible to win. #giveaway #contest #flytying #flytyer #flyfishing

Flies included in the giveaway are as follows;

The Canada
Steelhead Matuka
Bleeding Schlappen Leech
Surgeon General
Ginger Bunny Fly
Articulated Flesh Fly
Marabou Flesh Fly
Red Butt Chironomid
The Usual
Chum Slumber
DDH Leech
Black and Peacock Spider
BH Lightning Bug
Soft Hackle Leech
Black Drake Soft hackle
Alaska Maryann
Richard’s Callibaetis Nymph
Polly’s Pride
Silkworm Chironomid
Shwa Creek Caddis
Flaming Hem. Bugger

Shwa Creek Caddis

The Shwa Creek Caddis is a pattern I’ve adapted over the past couple seasons starting with a simple caddis Pupa pattern. I’ve added a lightly contrasting rib of UNI-Yarn to dull down the bright chartreuse and added ostrich herl (or dyed black peacock) over the bronze olive Diamond Dubbing I had been using. The ostrich adds a bit of movement to the fly. If you would like me to tie a few for you, you can get in touch through the About Us page.

Shwa Creek Caddis fly pattern recipe

Hook: Mustad C49s #10-18
Bead: Black brass or tungsten
Thread: Dark olive 6/0 (140d)
Rib: UNI-Yarn Insect Green
Body: Fl. Chartreuse Laser Dubbing
Thorax: Black ostrich herl
Thorax: Bronze olive Diamond Dubbing

Silkworm Chironomid

I developed the Silkworm Chironomid around 2005 for targeting trout in Alberta’s pothole lakes like Star Lake, Muir Lake, and Phyllis Lake. The body of the chironomid is made from UNI-Glo, a glow in the dark tinsel. While it does glow, this effect fades after a minute or so in the dark, but the light color helps fish key in on a quick snack.

It’s been a successful pattern for trout, perch, sunfish, and crappie. It has also taken a couple smallmouth bass. I’ve sold this fly to clients mostly in the western states and provinces, but I’ve done well using it in Ontario waters as well. I normally use brass beads, but you could use either glass or tungsten to adjust their sink rate.

You can fish this fly on a long leader using a very slow retrieve, or fish it under a strike indicator and let the wind move the fly.

Silkworm Chironomid Fly pattern Recipe

Hook: Mustad C49s #10-18
Bead: White brass or tungsten
Thread: Blue 6/0 (140d)
Rib: Fine copper wire
Body: UNI-Glo
Thorax: 1-2 peacock herls

Hot Butt Sili-Leg Gotcha Saltwater Fly

Gotcha flies are pretty popular, but by changing up a couple elements, you can keep things fresh with the pattern. This version of the fly features silicone legs that provide a ton of action in the water and a hot spot that fish can key in on.

I get asked to tie custom orders of flies all the time and I really enjoy hearing back from clients who have had some success with the flies I tie for them. This pattern has been working well, and reports coming in are quite positive. If you are interested in tying your own, watch the video below, or if you would rather have me tie some, you can order here.

Hot Butt Sili-leg Gotcha Saltwater Fly pattern recipe

Hook: Mustad S71SNP-DT #2-8
Thread: Tan 6/0
Eye: 3.2mm Black nickel bead chain http://etsy.me/2t2CfLz
Tail: micro crystal flash
Butt: STS Tri-lobal dubbing hot orange
Body: Tan Laser Dubbing
Wing: Tan craft fur
Legs: Silicone tab skirt

June Fly Giveaway

Congrats to the May winner Mark L. from the UK who won a set of the flies we tied during May. We will once again be giving away at least one set of the flies and up to 3 sets if we get enough entries into the draw. All you need to do to enter is be subscribed to our Youtube channel. We will be making the draw July 1st, 2017. Click here to subscribe – Piscator Flies on Youtube Good luck to everyone.

Fly Giveaway for the Month of June, 2017 from Piscator Flies

Episode 12 – Veverka’s Mantis Shrimp Saltwater Fly

Episode 12 – The infamous Bob Veverka came up with the design of his Mantis Shrimp saltwater fly pattern in response to recognizing missing elements that weren’t filled by standard bonefish patterns that were on the market. With educated bonefish becoming ever increasingly picky having had seen quite a number of the standard flies, Bob set to work on a better bonefish fly.

The fly design uses a series of separated legs so that they can each be moved independently rather than clumped into one section. The rabbit fur carapace also gives the fly a lot of natural looking movement and can be tied in a contrasting color than the tail, or tied to mimic an egg sac.

There have been some who have issues with the fly riding point down when tied with bead chain eyes. This seems to remedy itself when heavier brass or lead eyes are used. That being said, it is a highly effective saltwater fly and one I consider essential to any angler’s saltwater fly box.

DIY laser Dub – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paQSyTxRyTI

Veverka Mantis Shrimp Saltwater Fly Recipe

Hook: Saltwater #2-6
Thread: Tan 6/0
Eyes: 3.2mm black bead chain
Tail: Tan fox or craft fur
Mouth: Ginger or tan rabbit
Legs: Silicone orange and brown
Body: Tan Laser Dub

Hope to see you on the channel.

Episode 1 Piscator Flies Fly Tying Series

Episode 1 – Woolly Bugger is now live on our Youtube channel. You can visit our updated page at youtube.com/c/PiscatorFlies. While you are there, we would really appreciate you subscribing for new updates.

We do not have a set upload schedule as of yet, but the more tyers we have watching, the more motivated we will be to post a few patterns. We would love to have your suggestions on patterns or types of flies that you would like to see on the channel. In addition to the specific patterns, we will also be sharing a few of our favourite fly tying tips and bench hacks to make tying life a little simpler.

Hope to see you on the channel.

Win a set of 12 Alaskabou Flies

It’s hard to believe that another year is under our belts. We’ve been whipping out hundreds and hundreds of flies this past year and wanted to get a little more engaged with the anglers and fly tyers who visit the site. We will be hosting give-aways all year of some of the flies we tie and some of the fly tying materials we stock.

The first contest is underway, and you have 4 ways to enter. The prize is a set of Alaskabou streamers tied on Tiemco 7999 hooks, and you will have a choice of size 2, 1/0 or 2/0 hooks. I’m using the Gleam platform to host the contest, and a winner will be drawn and contacted on Feb 1, 2017. https://gleam.io/o0JMY/piscator-flies-alaskabou-giveaway

Alaskabou Group of 24
Alaskabou Group of 24

Consider signing up for the newsletter to keep uptown date on new contests and for news of new flies. Good luck in the draw.

– Darren

Marabou – 25 colors now available in the Ebay Store

We’ve added a selection of 25 colors of marabou to our Ebay store.

Colours include White, Green, Yellow, Orange Red, Burnt Orange, Golden Olive (Light Olive), Olive Dun, Olive, Dark Olive, Black, Grey Dun, Hot Pink, Silver Doctor Blue, Dark Blue, Chartreuse, Purple, Claret, Brown, Fl, Yellow, Tan, Shrimp Pink, Light Pink, Hot Purple and Fl. Fire Orange. Each pack has a little over a 1/4 oz and around 50 feathers, give or take, for tying a variety of fly patterns.

25 colors of Superfly Marabou
25 colors of Superfly Marabou

Each package of Superfly marabou contains an assortment of feathers suitable for a variety of applications. The feathers can be used for tying jigs, Spey collars, palmered bodies, tails, wings and dubbed bodies. Happy tying.

Flies that move fish