BH Eggstasy Egg Flies 10 Colors

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If you are a Steelhead or Salmon angler searching for a highly realistic egg fly to fool pressured fish, the Eggstasy Egg is an excellent option. The Eggstasy Eggs are incredibly convincing when in the water and have proven to be a top performer among roe flies for steelhead and salmon. This fly is an excellent choice for the stream this season, as its realistic appearance is sure to be a hit with fish. The beads on the fly allow it to quickly reach the strike zone, making it perfect for fishing the tributaries of the Great Lakes in NY, NJ, PA, OH, MI, and ON during the fall and winter salmon and steelhead run.

I use sturdy 2 extra strong glo-bug hooks, double whip finishes and cemented heads on the flies for extra durability.

If you need a different color bead, please send a message to see if I have what you are after. I don’t mind custom requests.

12 flies per color selection. #8 4.0mm beads #6 4.8mm beads.

Colors available are Blood Red, Chartreuse, Fl. Peach, Fl. Cheese, Sockeye, Pink Salmon, Salmon Roe, Hot Pink, Fire Orange, Fl. Sunburst. Electric colors are also available in a limited selection.

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