Squirmy Wormy - Brass or Tungsten 6 Colors

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The Squirmy Wormy is an unquestionably productive fly pattern that has changed the lives of many fly anglers over the past couple of years. The gummy feel of the worm material gives the angler great confidence that the fly is greedily inhaled by trout, bass, carp, bluegill, and other panfish. These squirmy flies are perfect to fish in stained waters either as part of a tandem rig or on their own.

The squirmy’s are available in 6 wormy colors, San Juan red, blood red, worm green, tan, fluorescent pink and orange.  The Worms are available in 3 hook sizes, #10, #12, and #14 and with 2 different bead types. Both heavy gold-colored tungsten beads and lighter gold-colored brass beads are available.

The weight helps to get the fly into the presentation position quickly so fish can sink their teeth into the hearty meal. If you need a different color bead, please send a message to see if I have what you are after. I don’t mind custom requests. These Squirmy flies are tied on razor-sharp, strong barbless Partridge jig hooks. This helps to avoid hooking the river bottom and results in fewer snags.

12 flies per selection, assortments contain 2 each color.

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