Plain Jane Weevil

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The Plain Jane Weevil is a variation of the Evil Weevil fly that imitates various aquatic insect nymphs found in both flowing and still water such as caddisflies, mayflies, and stoneflies. The Plain Jane Weevil fly pattern has been dunked into many creeks, streams and rivers with great results. You can use it all year round and on different types of fish. It's a great choice for any fly fisherman who wants to catch a variety of sportfish.

The Plain Jane Weevil fly has a realistic and lifelike appearance, more subtle than the original making it a good choice for clear low water water conditions. The dark color provides a natural-looking silhouette for challenging conditions. The fly's body is made from pheasant tail colored dubbing for a natural look. Fishing the Plain Jane Weevil and having it get a little beat up will increase the buggy appearance and further enhance its attractiveness to fish.

  • A proven fly pattern that catches fish
  • Tied on high-quality barbed hooks
  • Tied with brass beads to quickly sink the fly
  • Tied by fly tyer Jeremy Davies

Available in sizes #12, #14 , and #16



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