Bass Crawler - Dark Olive

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I've been relying on the Dark Olive Bass Crawler flies to catch some of the biggest and most impressive bass from the rich waters of Ontario for the past few years. Not only have I had success with them, but many of my clients in Canada and the US have also been able to land memorable catches using these flies. These bass flies are expertly tied on sharp #2 hooks and crafted with premium materials. The gold cone heads give them a lifelike undulation as they are retrieved through the water, and the legs and tail provide ample action to entice bass to bite.

  • Tied on razor-sharp solid Gamakatsu F314 hooks
  • Weighted with brass beads to help the fly stay in the strike zone
  • 50lb mono weed guard
  • 3 inches long
  • Whip-finished and cemented heads for extra tough flies
  • Available in 6 colors

I fish these flies by casting them out, letting them sink, and using a slow retrieve in water with structure and minimum weeds. I've also done well with pike and bass casting these above weedy water and using a moderate strip and pause retrieve. You can use spinning gear or a fly rod with these flies.

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