Purple Mylar Prince Nymph (Tungsten or Brass)

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Fly fishing is steeped in royally named flies and the Prince Nymph is a true classic. This Purple Mylar Prince Nymph is an updated take on that classic. The Prince Nymph has been a great producing fly catching many species of fish on flowing and stillwaters alike. This version of the Prince is a real confidence fly and has saved the day on many occasions.  The flies are tied on needle-sharp barbless Firehole 316 hook with black nickel beads. The mylar body creates a natural look of trapped abdominal gases often seen in emerging aquatic insects. 

  • A proven fly pattern that catches fish
  • Tied on high-quality Firehole 316 barbless hooks
  • Available with brass or heavier tungsten bead heads
  • Tied by a fly angler with over 40 years of fishing experience

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