Estaz Egg 80 Fly Assortment

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The Estaz Egg has become a must have fly for every angler who challenges the steelhead and salmon swimming up any of the Great Lakes tributaries during the cooler months. Trout also key in on these little morsels aggressively at all times of the year and will put a decent bend in your rod. These flies are tied on 2x heavy wire egg hooks without beads and have been double whip finished with cemented heads, creating a durable fly. The assortment includes a huge range of 10 colors to match different stages of spawn or to provide contrasting attention.

Estaz Egg Colors in this assortment (8 each x 10 colors) – Salmon Pink Opal, Fl. Fire Orange, Fl. Pink Opal, Light Pink Opal, Orange Opal, Black Opal, Chartreuse Opal (yellow), Light Blue Opal, Purple Opal, and Peach. Estaz Eggs available in sizes 6,8and 10. 6/8/10 assortment includes 90 flies. 3 each size each color.

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