Estaz Eggs Egg Flies per Dozen (20 Color Choices)

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The humble Estaz Egg has been landing massive steelhead and salmon on the Great lakes system for years and should be a part of your arsenal. When you need a fly that will elicit strikes, the Estaz Egg is your key to putting a heavy bend into your rod. Whether you are using fly or float gear, these eggs work their magic best when presented near the river bottom. I offer both a weighted version with a brass bead or an unweighted egg. The flashy eggs look amazing in the water and have been a top-performing roe fly for steelhead and salmon. Perfect for fishing the great lakes tributaries in NY, NJ, PA, OH, MI, ON for the fall/winter salmon and steelhead run.

We have 20 different colors availablePearl, Peach, Peach UV Opal, Black, Fl. Fire Orange/Red, Salmon Pink Opal, Chartreuse Opal, Amber Orange Opal, Hot Pink Opal, Dark Blue Opal, Minnow Blue Opal, Burgundy Opal, Fl. Green Opal, Fl. Pink Opal, Shrimp Pink Opal, Light Pink Opal, Black Opal, Bright Purple, Purple Opal, Red Opal.

I use sturdy 2 extra strong glo-bug hooks, double whip finishes and cemented heads on the flies for extra durability.

If you need a different color bead, please send a message to see if I have you are after. I don’t mind custom requests. (gold, silver and black nickel available)

12 flies per selection. #8 4.0mm beads #6 4.8mm beads.

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