Crazy 8 Chironomid -

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This chironomid pattern was inspired by Chan's Chironomid with its dual set of breathers. I did quite a few experiments at the vise with trying to put the split breathers onto a beaded chironomid fly pattern. Z-lon and Stillwater Solutions Midge Gill were the 2 best materials I found for gills. You can tie the fly with a variety of different thread colors to change the overall look. Just keep in mind that the resin will darken the fly once it gets soaked into the thread and is cured with UV light.

Crazy 8 Chironomid Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Firehole 315 #10-16

Beads: 2 Black Brass - (#10 3.2mm & 2.8mm)

Thread: 70d Brown Olive UTC thread

Gills: White EP Fiber or Z-lon

Body: 70d Brown Olive UTC thread

Rib: Red Life Flex Accent

Rib: Flashabou Silver 6901

Coating: Bone Dry

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