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Glitter Chromie Chironomid Fly Pattern

Phil Rowley's Chromie chironomid fly pattern is a juicy little fly for still water. This chironomid pattern imitates the gaseous silver look that the pupae exhibit as they begin to ascend to the water surface to enter their next life-stage.
The red in the fly comes from the remnants of the larval bloodworm stage that can be seen in segments along the body. Phil ties this pattern in silver, gunmetal gray and black (Black Sally) versions.
If you don't have the Stillwater Solutions Midge Gill, you can use EP fiber, ostrich herl or calf tail instead. The Midge Gill is a tri-lobal yarn and great at reflecting the little bit of light available at depth.
I like to fish this under a strike indicator in shallow lakes and ponds (6-20 feet deep). Use an ultra-slow retrieve and vary the depth starting shallow until you start picking up taps on the fly.
Glitter Chromie Fly Pattern Recipe

Hook: Mustad C53S #10-18
Bead: Black Nickel or Black matched to the hook size, 2.8mm for #12
Thread: Black 70d 8/0
Body: Silver Glitter thread
Butt/Rib: Red Glitter thread (coat with Bone Dry or Hard as Nails/Hull)
Thorax: Peacock Diamond Dubbing or Peacock herl


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  • Thanks for that excellent tutorial. You made it so easy to follow. We have a Christmas tying contest for our club every year and I will certainly include this one into it next year!

    Peter Bagley on

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