Squirmy Worm

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Likely the most popular fly for trout in the past couple of years, the Squirmy flies have had a big impact on fly anglers and tyers alike. The original Squirmy Wormie has evolved into a number of basic variations and the material is getting worked into a number of new fly patterns. 

This version of the worm features a dubbed and ribbed body. I tie this pattern in quite a number of colors including reds, pink, orange, green, tan, brown and even a couple in black. Change up the bead color, dubbing and wite to match the squirmy material. You can also add a hot collar just behind the bead with your final thread wraps and whip finish.

**** Do not use acetone or solvent based cement around the squirmy material. water based is okay. Keep out of extreme heat as well (Don't leave them in a hot car) ****

Squirmy Worm Fly Pattern

Hook: Firehole 633 #12-16
Bead: Brass or Tungsten
Thread: Olive 210D FWN
Tail: Squirmy Wormie segment
Ribbing: Copper wire (med-large)
Body: Laser dubbing or Ice Dubbing
Collar: Thread hot spot

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