How to tie a Spawning Gurgler Fly for Bonefish

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I recently had a request from a client to tie up a set of these somewhat unique "dry" flies for pursuing bonefish. the pattern is a mash up of Peterson's Spawning Shrimp and Gartside's Gurgler. I tied these in sizes #2 and #4 and they float really well in the dunk tests I performed. I do have plans to try out some freshwater colors in the spring for bass. 

Original article "Raising the Ghosts" -

★★★ Spawning Gurgler Fly Pattern Recipe ★★★

Hook: saltwater hook #2-8
Thread: Tan 8/0 70d
Spawn sac: Shrimp Pink laser dubbing
Head: White fox fur
Antenna: Black crystal flash 1 strand
Legs: Tan Bug Legs (1 strand 1/4'd)
Eyes: 50lb mono shrimp eyes
Carapace: Gray 2mm foam (coffin cut)
Ribbing: fine mono
Body: Tan laser dubbing

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