Tying a Hottie Midge Fly Pattern (Tyler Boroff)

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This little midge fly pattern comes from Tyler Boroff (https://www.instagram.com/tysbff/). It's a simple enough pattern and I've been tying it with both fluorescent fire orange and fluorescent pink hot spots in the thorax. The fly is finished with a thin coating of UV resin (Bone Dry) and I double up on the thorax to create a more pronounced profile.

This is a good fly for tying into smaller sizes (18-22) and I use a razor blade to trim threads thus avoiding messy tags under the resin. If you don't have resin to work with, your regular head cement should work well, giving the fly a double coat at the thorax. Take care not to block the eye of the hook with either thread wraps at the head or with your choice of sealing.

Hottie Midge (Tyler Boroff) fly pattern recipe

Hook: Firehole 316 #16-22
Body: 8/0 (70d) wood duck
Ribbing: Copper wire fine
Thorax: 8/0 (70d) fl. orange or pink
Head: 8/0 (70d) wood duck
Coating: Bone Dry UV resin

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